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Services and Restrictions

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*My restrictions are not negotiable and services I provide depend heavily on your hygiene*


~Both of our safety is very important to me and due to this I do not provide barebeack services
~Although I am not comfortable proving "Greek" services I am able to supply a small variety of "Greek" toys that I do enjoy as well as rimming.
~I do not allow people I am unfamiliar with to restrain me.

~Hygiene is very important to me
*Please book Deluxe encounter if you are looking for Deluxe services other wise you will not receive them and will be asked to leave with no refund*
*Please be transparent with me when booking a Deluxe encounter as not all fantasies will be within my comfort

Public Outings

I am a very social Princess who quite enjoys being taken out especially for any type of new experience!

Movies, Dinners, Coffee and sight seeing are only a few of the lovely ways we could spend some time together!

Coffee Type Meet ~ 100 ~ 0.5HR

A Nice Meal ~ 250~1.5HR

Movies, Museums ect. ~ 400 ~3HR

Deluxe Private Encounter

A chance to get a little extra naughty or try something new!

I am very friendly to the scene I just like to know a little about what I'm getting into before quoting.


If you're looking for a little extra attention I have a variety of lovely people that you can book me with! 

                  See Them Here


Rates vary based on the experience you are looking for and who you would like to see me with!

Starting from 450-800 ~ HR

Classic Private Encounter

A more casual private encounter, lets get comfy and relax as we enjoy the pleasures we can bring to each other!

0.5HR ~ 220

1HR ~ 320

1.5HR ~ 420

2HR ~ 600

3HR ~850

5HR ~1200

8HR ~ 1800

Online Pleasure

I understand that an in person visit isn't always a possibility and would not want you to miss out! We can connect online how you are most comfortable; via snapchat video calls or texting or calling!

Video Calls





$50/15M ~Includes 3Photos

$100/HH ~ Includes 8Photos

$200/HR ~ Includes 20Photos





Outcall Information

I understand that many people are more comfortable in their own spaces! I do require a couple things for my comfort.

~Confirmation with exact address including apartment or suite number.

~Deposit Via Etransfer or GiftCard 10% of booking

Additional 50 added to rate for travel time

*I feel most comfortable booking my own Ubers

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